photography and text by zev tiefenbach

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Binary by Submission

project description:

binary by submission was a colloborative, site-specific multi-media project hosted at zeke's gallery in montreal. the installation consisted of 34 images 18 of which were assigned telephone numbers. when dialed the listener was able to access a sound track. in essence the soundtracks created a sub-terranian narrative for the images.

themeatically, the project explored the complexities of life and loving in a post-modern context. the audio component details a disjointed love affair where the protaganists identity and interests are dynamic which is set is various public and private spaces.

taken in conjunction with the images, binary by submission addresses the manner in which the boundries between public and private spaces are blurred, as individuals live out their most intimate of thoughts in their banal surroundings. thus, the everyday spaces which we pass through, in actuality are infused with the rich experiences and feelings of the population creating a reciprocal relationship betweeen our social geography and an indviduals consiousness.

special thanks to dov tiefenbach who developed the audio componant of the work and to marc heckmann who developed the telephone compnant of the work.

audio samples with images:

click here to view the show images along with the accompanying soundscapes.

reviews and commentary:

* press release and photos from zeke's gallery

* interview i gave about the show and my practice recorded and published by zeke's gallery and part two of this interview

* show preview by matthew woodley from the montreal mirror

* show preview from the mcgill tribune

* review by cedric caspesyan in his on-line zine artquebus

check-out the images:

click here to see the show images without the soundscapes.

print sales:

prints for this show were printed in an edition of 10 and are currently availbible for sale. please contact for any sales information.