photography and text by zev tiefenbach

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Project Description:

every life is marked by it's own path, it's own movements it's own cartography. some lives span oceans others might evolve within a 50 km radius. as we pass through these landscapes, we find these landscapes leaving marks upon us, etching themselves upon our memory, creating associations etc. and even sometimes we might, in our small ways, leave our mark upon the geographies we pass through. and these, these are the geographic sketches. . . .

collections of images

gulf of mexico - septemner 2005;

photographs from new orleans and along the mississippi gulf coast that depict the aftermath of hurricane katrina.

apartment series 2003 pte. ste. charles, montreal - August 2003 ;

after a couple of weeks of vomitting and uncertainty, mia and i sat on the couch to try and talk about whether to have a child together. the conversation was circular and we decided nothing. mia got up and cleaned the kitchen, i took photographs of this space that we inhabit where we have been building our very imperfect lives.

hotel-de-ville, montreal - february 2nd 1999;

photos from the plateau, a neighborhood at the cusp of a housing explosion/gentrification.

thinking about the small things, how to look through the viewfinder and translate an angst, a sadness, a longing into images that speak about a place.
high level, alberta - may 1999;

on my way north to fort smith nwt, an oil worker dropped me off here, in high level. he gave me $20, a small flashlight, and a lighter and drove right up to a gazebo at the outskirts of town. he said that when he first showed up here in northern alberta more then 20 years ago, to work the oil fields, he had spent his first nighst in that old gazebo.

it was cold and i didn't sleep well. i kept the flashlight on most of the night trying to ward off the small rondents that sought the warmth of my sleeping bag. at the first light i got up and took photographs in this town, the last outpost of nothern albera.