photography and text by zev tiefenbach

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in the cupboard above the fridge
bona note gallery, 3416 ave. du parc, april th - 21st 2006.

the natural habitat of the blender (and other unassuming objects) . . .

i was manufactured in 1977 in windsor, ontario. i am a classic – eight speed device. most recently, i have been retired living out my days in disuse above the kitchen pantry. in another time, i was the primary blender in a multi-blender family. i ran a regular cycle of smoothies and soups including some excellent tours of duty during berry seasons where some very inspired beverages were served from my lovely, frosted glass spout. and of course there was that run of amaretto a few years back. but i digress.

here i am photographed in the summer of 2003 at 2487 ryde with some very solid companions of mine, unsweetened soymilk and high fat yogurt, two stoic staples in the world of smoothie preparation. both, as you can tell from the image have, at this point been used to the point of exhaustion. notably absent from the photograph is the banana peel.

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(top row from left to right)
1. flower bouquet, 11870 okanagan center rd. w. may 2005.
2. bedside lamp, 2487 ryde, june 2004.
3. 2L pepsi bottle, mechanic shop st. patrick st., ville emard, april 2005.
4. gas stove, beverly st., toronto, july 1999.
5. osterizer classic blender, 2487 ryde, july 2003.
6. mayor’s car, city counselor car park, birmingham england, january 2001.

(bottom row from left to right)
7. shawl on couch, 2 winter st., fort smith nwt, june 1999.
8. ladder and wood pieces, 6382 dumas, july 2004.
9. propone hibachi, 6382 dumas, july 2005.
10. kitchen faucet, 2487 ryde, july 2003.
11. dirty blue jeans, 2 winter st., fort smith nwt, june 1999.
12. lamp and graduation flowers, 2 winter st., fort smith nwt, june 1999.

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