photography and text by zev tiefenbach

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Explanation of Work

These pieces are collections of photographic scraps that have been reprocessed through typewriters of various sorts. They fluctuate between adressing intimate personal details and fictional fantasies. The images themselves ground the work and form a sort of narrative of the everyday where emotions, daydreams and banal undertakings can explain . . . .

Index of Images

out of control again. out of control.

it is diffiult to write . . .

board of education.


no dreams on the parking lot.

st. laurent steet festival, montreal

buy ticket from machine

family portrait, sarah's bat-mitzvah.

city sheet metal

porc & beans. victoria b.c.

greenwood & queen, toronto.

harry eating shrimp, new york.

astro transmission

i wasn't frightened.

the bay

no more quaker oats in the coffee jar.

family dinner @ bubbie shifra's condo.

queensview mart

i really thought he wanted to fuck me.

walbran valley, summer 1995.

manifestos were as grave as prayers.